Tuesday, April 06, 2010

How Did We Get on This Subject?

Last Saturday I went to a Fine Arts Festival with my London sister and my "Granny." We had the most WONDERFUL time and I felt as though I was getting back to the real me. The me that no one really knows about except for my London sisters, my family and one of the girls I traveled to Paris (2009) with.

It's been five years since I've seen my London sister, and reuniting with her brought me back to that time...that place where I felt so safe and good with myself. I had an extremely strong relationship with God and was an avid reader and wrote so much. That 15-year-old girl now only exists deep within my heart and wants to come out but feels now as though it'd be inappropriate in a way. The person I am now, hasn't changed that much, but if you were to see a video and compare the two, you'd notice a huge difference. But maybe that's why she stays so deeply guarded because I still want that girl to be my own little secret.

Wow...I had originally intended for this post to go a completely different way, but I'm glad I ended up getting sidetracked. Sometimes getting sidetracked produces the best things. All I know is that I plan to see my London sister MUCH more since we live only an hour away from each other. Reverting back to that young girl you see above when I'm with her can only bring good things!

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