Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Does Autumn Bring?

It seems that when things get to hectic for some (myself included) that we forget the little things that used to bring us such joy.


I've ALWAYS loved autumn. I remember playing in a huge pile of brown, yellow, red and burnt orange leaves with my younger brother while my Mom made hot chocolate and my Dad continued to rake around us.

I loved the seeing the once blue skies turn to a permanent yet temporary gray. The smell of autumn is what really did it in for me. The crisp smell of cold. You may not realize it, but cold has a smell! It smells like pure fresh air with a hint of bitterness. Oh how I miss that smell.

I remember the autumn of 2002 fondly. I was in the 8th grade and had gone through a strong Anne Frank phase. It didn't help that we had a LARGE attic with windows, so you can imagine where I was the majority of my school year. I wrote in my diary as if my life depended on it.

I would come down from my dusty yet cozy heaven to eat and then go to my room after dinner and hunker down in bed listening to Norah Jones first album and read Money Hungry and drift off to sleep.

Then, I discovered the movie Sweet November. Done. After I watched that movie I was DONE. It perfectly described how I wanted to live! Maybe not in San Fransisco, but the month of November in my head was equated with the TRUE meaning of autumn. Hot tea. Good books. Good music. Family. Thanksgiving. That's my true definition of autumn.

Now that I'm in my senior year, I'm trying to appreciate every single moment of autumn, but that's hard to do when you live in a state that doesn't believe in any other season but summer.

I desperately want to go back to the years when I was in middle school JUST to have the season of autumn.

Right now, there's new music out from ALL of my favorite artists. Norah Jones (Nov. 2) Duffy (Dec. 2) Charlotte Church (Nov. 2) Andrea Lewis and Nelly Furtado just released a new single. Nicholas Sparks just released his book Safe Haven which I have yet to read until Christmas break because for Thanksgiving break I'll be writing my life away in opposed to Georgia. Le sigh.

Alas, I'll always hold the dear memories of autumns in Kansas close to my heart.

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