Thursday, July 21, 2011

Travel Challenge: Day 5--What Do You Bring With You When You Travel?

Aside from the important things like clothes, toiletries and that pesky little passport, there are certain items that I ALWAYS have with me when I travel.

My itty bitty denim purse that I've just decided to name Betsy! On almost every trip I've been on, someone always says don't bring a purse. Sorry. I have to have my purse! Betsy is great because she fits snugly under my underarm and out of the way. I'm usually able to fit, a map,wallet, copy of my passport, chapstick and any brochures that I pick up along the way. She's been through a lot, but always proves durable.

There's Besty!
Of course I'd bring a camera. I recently bought a new one last year that I absolutely love! I wanted to buy a Flipcam for video recording but of course just when I get up on technology they discontinue it. My camera is the basic digital camera, nothing too fancy, but it gets the job done.

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My Bible. Every trip.Never fails. Whenever I need support, my Bible is right by my side.

 My Bible is standing vertically
 Depending on what type of trip it is, I'll bring my laptop. Recently, I found out that I have separation anxiety when it comes to Diamonds, so I bring her everywhere now!

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Last but not least, my diary. Sure I blog about my trips, but nothing beats pen and paper for me.
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