Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Kansas City's Gates Bar B. Q.

I'll admit, I've neglected you for the past few years while I've been off at college, but reuniting with you after so long only makes our relationship that much sweeter.

The last time we were together was in 2003 after church on Sunday. It had become family tradition to drive an hour out into Kansas City for delicious ribs, ham and brisket slathered in the infamous Gates sauce.

On Sunday (what are the odds of that happening?) I happily dragged my Dad and brother out to KCMO so we could all rekindle our flame with Gates.

The restaurant looked just as I left it. No remodeling or renovations, just the same loud employees yelling "please" after every phrase, ESPN on every channel and the oddly suspicious quietness that filled the room from everyone chowing down on their food.

Just like old times.

Still the same!

We ordered the small party platter which consisted of bread, pickles, beef brisket, ham, ribs and the classic Gates sauce in the middle. Unfortunately it didn't come with any sides (seriously, the meat was enough), but we ordered fries and BBQ beans to compliment our meal.


After being seated, I realized how much food we really ordered! However, with an athlete (my brother) and my Dad on my team, we dug in.

Needless to say, this was me afterwards.

I actually forgot how much I love Gates and now that I'm back in Florida, I'm depressed that there isn't a Gates remotely close to me.

Gates originated in 1946 in Kansas City, Mo by George Gates and Arthur Pinkard. Their website credits most of their success to their barbecue sauce (which I must add is YUM):

Gates Bar-B-Q is receiving national recognition due in large part to the strategic location of Kansas City. Being the hub of the nation, Kansas City attracts various groups of people from throughout the country for a variety of reasons including national political conventions, public officials conventions, business, industry, fraternal and professional conventions, as well as the American Royal, to name a few. Additionally, it is host to a number of college and professional sporting events. All these activities have brought many of these people into Gates' Bar-B-Q restaurants, thereby enhancing the Gates national image, but more importantly a continually rising demand for Gates Bar-B-Q Sauce on a national basis. People's views being that if they cannot have Gates Bar-B-Q in their own metropolitan areas, they will tout for the sauce being made available to them in their market areas.

  Located in only six locations (four in Missouri and two in Kansas) I can say, its hard to keep our long distance relationship going! If only they'd move Kansas City-style barbecues to the South, not saying that the South doesn't have its redeeming qualities, I'd be one happy girl.

Until that happens, Sonny's will unfortunately have to suffice. Until we meet again Gates...until we meet again.

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