Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where's Naomi? Oh, She's Sleeping...Again

Pillow made out of backpacks and I'm out for the count in the Frankfurt airport
 Thanks to an article on, I've discovered what type of traveler I am. Now this article, "Seven Types of Travellers You See in the Airport," may only apply to the designated location, but it applies to all aspects of my life when I travel. Here's the description of a sleepy traveler:

The Sleepy Traveller

There is nothing more amazing than watching the skill of sleeping people in airports. It doesn’t matter the time of day you’ll always find people defying the confines of bench armrests to sprawl out for a nap. Travel puts nearly every one’s sleep schedule on its head, and there are just some people that decide not to fight it. The sleep doesn’t stop for these guys when they get on the plane either, they’ll be passed out with the chair back before the plane’s shoes even get off the ground. If you’ve ever woken up spooning your carry-on luggage than you are a Sleepy Traveller.
Anytime I travel, it's inevitable, I always end up sleeping somewhere besides my bed. I literally could take a 15 minute taxi ride and fall asleep.
En route by bus to.....oh who knows!

Oh and it doesn't matter what mode of transportation I take either. Bus, plane, boat, train, camel, I'll sleep the ENTIRE way until we reach our destination.

I may never know the reason why I fall asleep as soon as a motor revs up, but as a consolation, I always feel much energized afterwards and that makes for a good time right?

On a bus on our way to the ferry dock that will take us to Inishmore in Ireland
On the ferry sleeping on our way to Inishmore in Ireland

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