Thursday, August 30, 2012

31 Day Reset Challenge Day 30

Write Your Own Eulogy

Well this isn't all that creepy to me because I had to write one for a journalism class in let's just get to it!

Naomi was a kind and loving person. She made it her mission in life to uplift anyone that she met and help them reach their fullest potential. Friends knew her as funny and easy going but her family and close friends knew her as fiercely protective over the ones she loved.  

She went to USF and majored in journalism, writing was always her passion. After a slow start in the business she eventually found her niche: international reporting. Naomi traveled everywhere from the age of 15 up until her death. She traveled during high school, college and frequently throughout her career.

Though her home base was Atlanta, Naomi felt like her home was anywhere in the world that her family was. Her husband, who also has a job that requires travel, made it a point to have their four kids travel wherever they went. Unorthodox, but it worked for them.

Naomi was lucky that her interest in travel could translate into a career. She was able to use her easy going nonjudgmental and easy to relate to personality to interact with anyone and everyone.
Her legacy will forever be remembered as the friend, wife, mother and sister who simply wanted what’s best for those she cared for. We will always miss her, but we will keep her memory, her laugh, her crazy Kansan self in our hearts forever.

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