Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Summer Break!

My junior year has come and gone here at USF and it's kind of bittersweet! I discovered a LOT about myself during my first year at this school but it has all been for the better if I do say so myself! However, I am THANKING MY LUCKY STARS that summer break is here! Well...not really! Yes, I am taking ONE class, and working and interning, but compared to this past semester, I feel so much more relaxed and here is why!

I had neglected sleep SO much this past semester, that it should have been illegal. Between staying up late to finish studying for whatever crazy test I had, waking up (and oversleeping) to rush to my first class and then staying on campus all day, did not make for a very happy Naomi! Luckily, summer came and helped me to rekindle my relationship with sleep. Waking up at 11 or 12 and lounging around until my first class at 4 has DEFINITELY made up for all those hours I missed during the semester!

9. BBQ's
The thought of ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs and lemonade is making my mouth salivate while I type! A good family BBQ with friends and other loved ones is the definition of summer to me. There's nothing that can compare to it. Good food, good friends, good times! If you need help understanding what I'm talking about rent "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and skip to their BBQ scene. Yum!

Is it just me or does it seem like the BEST movies come out during the summer!? Prime example: "Sex and the City 2." Need I say more? There's just something about that ONE movie that's coming out in June or July that almost makes your summer worthwhile. The anticipation leading up to the release is unbearable and when the date finally arrives, you submerge yourself in the movie and its characters wholeheartedly. Mine was "The Notebook" back in 2004. Oh the memories...


I think a resounding "OH HECK YES!" should surround this topic. If this isn't a reason to NOT to love summer then I don't know what is! I haven't been to one yet, but I definitely am planning on it. If you're back in your home state or planning a road trip, make a stop and go to an amusement park! From the overly priced funnel cakes, cotton candy and bottled water to the screaming people on roller coasters, really, what's not to love?

We're all guilty of this. Especially if you've gone off to college in another state and have shamefully neglected your friends back home. I know I have (EEK!) Sometimes you just don't have the time to call and other times it simply slips your mind until you see them on Facebook and say "Oh I should give that person a call" but never do (GUILTY!). Now would be a great time to get on that! I always wonder "Why didn't I do this sooner?" Reminiscing on memories while creating new ones with an old friend always makes for a good summer.

Now that the summer is here, I'm all into scrap booking! It's so much fun, so relaxing and so time consuming but I love it. The summer is a GREAT time (if not the only time) to really engulf yourself into a forgotten hobby you have. It could be bird-watching or stamp-collecting or skiing, WHO CARES. It's what you do for pleasure or relaxation and that's all that matters.

WHAT? Ew. Why? Well I don't want my summer to be a COMPLETE waste! Going to a museum or visiting an art gallery or seeing a play can and will be beneficial to you later on in life. I promise! Usually museums have some type of limited time exhibitions for the summer which I absolutely love.

Just thinking about being in a room filled with books makes me giggle like a small child. I can (and will) spend an entire Saturday in a Borders or library. I love not having a time limit or a the pressing matter of a paper to worry about. Summer is almost like a calling for me to spend my days lost in books by great authors...for free!

There's nothing like laying out near a big body of water to make me appreciate summer that much more. With a good book in tow, sunglasses, PLENTY of sunscreen and a cute bikini on, I'm ready!

We all know I'm a travel bug! I can't help it! Summer rolls around and I have to travel somewhere. I just got back for Key West last weekend and now am heading to Melbourne this weekend! Later on in the summer, Ireland and I are going to become best friends. Honestly, traveling helps you reevaluate your thoughts on everything mostly for the better. There are no words to describe how I feel about traveling, except that it's liberating and I believe everyone should travel to some place they've never been to. Abroad or domestic!

With that said, what are your reasons for loving summer break?

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