Friday, June 24, 2011

What Have I Been Up To?

It may seem like I haven't updated this blog in months but that's NOT true. I deleted a lot of posts that I thought weren't "good enough" in my taste and then renamed it...and add in the fact that my computer decided to die on me and so for a month (abroad of course) I was without my computer. Ugh.

So, since my last entry a lot has happened.

1) Naomi is a University of South Florida graduate. HOLLER!Yes, as of May 5, 2011, I am an alumni of my university and am now out in the world looking for a J-O-B.

2) I moved to Spain!

Just for the summer, but currently I am here on a journalism internship and I am loving every minute of it!

3) National Association of Black Journalists Student Multimedia Project

*photo courtesy of

Isn't that a mouthful!? I applied and was accepted into their program so once I return from Spain, I will leave to PHILADELPHIA (pretty big deal for someone who's never been further than Kansas) for a week to cover all things journalism and network with other journalists.

Those are just some brief updates on my life! After graduation and certain life conflicts, I feel like my life has COMPLETELY turned around. So stay tuned for more posts about Spain, Philadelphia, and news in general! Also, make sure to follow me on Twitter @naomiprioleau

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