Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What? You've Never Seen a Black Person Before?

I'm Black.

Whether it's been negative or positive, my skin tone has always caused quite the commotion when I travel. It's almost like I'm a celebrity.

People either look at me like I have three heads or worship the ground I walk on. Sometimes I want to scream at them and say, "HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN A BLACK PERSON BEFORE?"

Then I realize that maybe countries like Australia and Spain don't have many Black people and even if they do, maybe they don't know how to interact with them..Who knows.

"For you, 50 percent off because I just love Black people."
All I know is that whenever I travel I am either, stared at, whistled at or am the victim of a flash run (take a picture without me knowing until the flash goes off and all I see are butt cheeks and elbows running down the street), and I'd like to happily do without any of that.

I'm happy to take a picture with a local if they ask. I love having my picture taken!  It actually brightens my day when someone says, "Excusa...photo...you?" Just ask for my photo.

I assure you I won't bite.

It still amazes me how fascinated people are just by a darker hue that they stare at me endlessly or call me "morena guapa," or "Chocolate Shakira."

Once in Italy, I received a beautiful painting 50 percent off just because I was Black! The artist said that she loved Black people so much and that she loved how dark I was. Of course I took it.

In Spain though, EVERYONE (and I do mean everyone) just stares. My program director said it's because I'm "the most exotic thing they will ever see."


In Ireland, men would "smooch" at me or ask me out on dates, which really boggled my mind because I honestly thought they wouldn't even care about Black girls. Apparently they do.

Seriously where are all the Black people in these countries? It seems like every time I visit a country, I'm either being chased down by the local men or being stared at. Black people come out of hiding and educate your fellow citizens so that I'm not uncomfortable!

Abdul from Morocco who calls me his "sister"
This just doesn't apply to Black people though because I know plenty of freakishly tall me or redheaded females that get ogled at for days on end when traveling as well.

So Black people, blondes, little people, girls with eight toes and everything else in between make your presence known in your country! However, if you choose not to, these encounters always make for a good story!

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