Sunday, July 17, 2011

Travel Challenge: Day 1--Favorite Place(s) You've Been To

I saw this travel challenge on my new favorite website Try Anything Once and I'm up for the challenge!

So lets get started shall we?

Italy and Morocco are my absolute favorite places I've been so far. Done. No contest.

Firenze, Italia!
It was hard to choose between the two, so I didn't!

No words can even begin to describe the love that I have for Italia. I love the locals, the history, the culture and of course the gelato. We only spent 5 days in Italy but it was enough for me to fall completely, head over heels in love! Also, we passed through Piedmont region where Nutella was born and anyone who knows me knows my obsession with Nutella. Sure, I gained some weight in Italy, but between gelato, nutella, great food and great company it seemed inevitable and I had no problem with that.

Then there's Morocco, a complete contrast to Italy, but I think that's why it's one of my favorite places. I visited with my language school for the weekend and it was such a humbling experience. We visited the medinas of Tetouan, Tangir and Chefchaouen just to see how locals lived and I enjoyed every second of it, but I could've done without seeing chickens killed.

In Morocco with my tour guide Abdul and Debra
The colors of Morocco are a major reason as to why it's one of my favorite places. The reds and blues and yellows and greens of the different spices, vegetables, shoes were so vibrant and bright that it was almost blinding. The loud noises of chickens squawking and merchants bartering assaulted my ears but I thought it was beautiful.

 If I roll Morocco and Italy together as country then we have a loud colorful Nutella gelato country and I have no problem with that.

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