Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Have a Small Obsession With....

N U T E L L A.

Yes. Nutella. The hazelnut chocolaty spread goodness that should be ILLEGAL for how amazing it tastes!

Nutella is NOT, and I repeat, NOT for the faint of heart. One taste and you will fall in love. Guaranteed.

I first tasted this bit of heaven when I was in London in 2005 for a writing program. We were nearing the end of our trip and our group leader had us "reflect" on the trip with Nutella and french bread. Needless to say, I couldn't reflect because I was in a haze of whatever this chocolate seduction was. From there my love affair with Nutella began.

When I arrived home, my best friend and I would gossip, cry and watch movies with our never failing companion Nutella. Sometimes we'd add pretzels or grape soda to the mix, but our Nutella never left our side.

At the end of my freshman year in college I actually went into a Nutella coma. The last few weeks of classes before we let out for the summer, all I ate was Nutella, bread, and water because I was too poor to buy any groceries. The end result was not pleasant.

For a while, my undying love for Nutella had actually SUBSIDED. I felt that I had a grip on my addiction (mainly because it was taking a toll on my weight and how EXPENSIVE it was) but that was until last summer.

While on a train to Rome from Florence, our tour guide told us that Nutella was actually CREATED from the plants that we were passing by on our way to Assisi. Everyone immediately looked at me because I couldn't stop raving about how wonderful Nutella was. Now I thoroughly believe that the bus driver and the tour guide acted on this next part solely for me.

We stopped at a gas station and the entire group of 30+ sleepily and grouchily dragged ourselves to get snacks and use the bathroom. My friend Lisa and I were walking around when, there, in the center of the convenience store was this:

Nutella Snack and Drink. Why? Why God WHY!? I stood there paralyzed by love. "Naomi...Naomi..." the Nutella snack called to me, "Come closer....come closer." It's as if it had a power over me, and I obeyed. I gently picked one up (as if it was going to break if I picked it up normally) and examined it. Nutella in a small pouch. Breadsticks to scoop the Nutella out with. A refreshing lemon tea to wash it all down. If God has created something better than Nutella then I have no idea what it is.

From there, my unhealthy Nutella addiction started back up again. I introduced my friends to it and of course they LOVE it and to this day I still have my Nutella Snack and Drink container in my room (empty of course).

Mr. Pietro Ferrero, if you were alive today, I would A) SLAP YOU for creating the most delicious thing I've ever eaten ( adds on the pounds if eaten all the time, but honestly, it's so good who would pay attention to that?) and B) KISS YOU for creating the most delicious thing I've ever eaten.


  1. Love this article! I've never tried nutella but you make me want to go out and buy a jar :)

  2. Nutella is AHMAZING! I want a Nutella snack now :( Im googling it as I type this! lol

  3. You should DEFINITELY get some! Nutella is the cure for EVERYTHING! You'll fall in love with it so fast!