Sunday, June 20, 2010


My Dad is truly the best father in the entire world.

He has given me the best example of what a REAL man should be. He's strong, kind, fearless, caring, loving, corny, takes responsibility, provides and isn't afraid to protect for the ones he loves.

After being in the Army for 20+ years, he definitely has a very secretive, shy and fearing presence about him but underneath is a complete GOOFBALL and teddy bear.

Maybe it's because I'm the middle child, but I've always been able to get what I want (i.e. travel the globe) from him. No he's not a pushover, but I'm always able to find that sweet spot in him (that and making him feel guilty for FORGETTING about me since I suffer the middle child syndrome) that makes him say "Okay Naomi okay...."

My Dad has ALWAYS been there for me and since I've been in college I've seen it more through my own eyes.

There aren't enough words to explain how much this man means to me. He's proven to be the ONLY man whom I can fully trust and unfortunately, not a lot of women can say that about their fathers.

God blessed me with an AMAZING father and while I do still fear the when he says my name *usually means I'm in trouble* I love my father with all my heart and can only wish that people could get to know even the smallest portion of what I know.

Happy Father's Day!

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