Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I'm gone for four days to enjoy a MUCH needed vacation (sadly without internet or cable) and I come back to catch up on my daily gossip sites and the entertainment world has gone crazy!!!

1)REGGIE BUSH AND AMBER ROSE--Ew. Really? Not that I care for either of them or Bush's ex or Rose's supposed ex, but these two have been seen "canoodling" with each other two nights in a row...well Mr. Bush definitely has a type. Fame whores with a big booty.

2)ALICIA KEYS FALLS WHILE PREGNANT--I told her on the BET Awards to get her pregnant self off of the piano before she hurts herself and BAM look what happens. On the second day of the Essence Music Festival where she is one of the acts, Keys fell on her behind, but she took a cue from that and sang the rest of her songs sitting down or standing up. Here's the video if any of you care to watch it.

--Well Lohan you finally did it. After missed court dates, probation violations and having your SCRAM bracelet go off, you've landed yourself in jail. Lohan has to surrender herself to the court on July 20th at 8:30 AM to begin serving a 90 day jail sentence. I would feel bad for her, but she had so many opportunities and chances to get clean because of her "star power" and she just blew it because of her "star power". Have fun in prison Lindsay. Maybe you'll go back to the Lindsay everyone remembers circa your Mean Girls days instead of this Lindsay. Yikes.


  1. Amber Rose and Reggie Bush? I don't keep up with them, but they don't seem like they would work together. I don't know though, because I don't know that much about them. And Yesss I'm glad ALicia and the baby are fine, but we all saw this fall coming sooner or later after she was climbing on that piano at the BET awards. I hope she decides to take it easy now. And Lindsay Lohan getting that jail sentence, the judge was not playing. He made sure that just because she was a celebrity she didn't get any special treatment. What happened to the Lindsay from Freaky Friday? Anyway, great post!

  2. I know Reggie and Amber is an odd match but we'll see where this goes!

    Alicia just gets a big SMH.

    And Lindsay....ugh...lets hope this helps her!

    Thanks love!