Wednesday, July 07, 2010

07/07/05. Five Years Later

As an American, I've noticed that when a crisis happens abroad, we all have unwavering empathy for the country and tend to "rescue" it. There was the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami which affected 14 countries and left hundreds of thousands dead. Then there was the 2004 Madrid train bombings and most recently the earthquake that absolutely destroyed Port au Prince, Haiti.

America runs over and offers its condolences and tries to donate any money or food to the families affected, and that's great. However, what happens afterward?

Today marks the five year anniversary of the London tube bombings. It was a terrorist attack that holds a special place in my heart because, I was there. At the ripe age of 15, I traveled abroad for a writing program and only four blocks away from my dorm, the explosion on the tubes happened.

No one really told us what was going on, but a few of the girls on the trip got a hold of a radio and eventually we were able to find out what happened. It was absolutely awful. The chaos, tears and rage that ensued London was inexplicable. I still remember this day every year not because I was there, but because of the I could feel the vulnerability of the city and saw first hand that in the wake of a disaster, EVERYONE does want to know "What's next?"

Experiencing September 11, 2001 was horrible enough, but I didn't understand the seriousness of the situation. Being that both September 11 and the London bombings were terrorist attacks I was able to come full circle and connect the feelings and raw emotions of the government and its citizens.

However, I do wonder do we as Americans run to help a country and then after we've done our "good Samaritan" act, forget all about it? Some do and some don't and I'm certainly not saying that we should hold candlelight vigils each year because, obviously it didn't happen on our territory....but should we at least acknowledge a five year or 10 year or even 20 year anniversary even if it didn't affect the country as a whole? Thoughts?


  1. I won't forget it, I was freaking out, and crying hysterically, I felt helpless because you were an ocean away, and airline tickets aren't cheap you know. It was so great to hear your voice, only wishing that you were on your way home so I could give you a big hug.

  2. quote 'Being that both September 11 and the London bombings were terrorist attacks '.
    Girl, September 11 was not a terrorist attack. U.S did it, as a fact of revenging now. They stil do. Just for the oil.
    People are not so stupid to understand this brutal theory.

  3. Well you're entitled to your opinion!