Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Hills Finale

Did you hear that?

That was the sigh of a loyal and VERY disappointed fan of "The Hills" .

Whatever MTV just showed and tried to pass off as the series finale AND after show was absolutely DISGRACEFUL. Really though...what was that?

The ending to the series was left for "your own interpretation" which I think was a lazy way for the creative geniuses of this show to get out without a real ending....not that a "reality show" would have a real ending...I guess. Still, I feel ROBBED!

Krisitin and Brody's "end" was a big WTF to me. Lo (whom I really don't care about) moves in with her boyfriend I guess....I don't know I wasn't even paying attention by that point. Audrina moves into a new house on the beach and Stephanie gets a boyfriend. Woohoo.

Yes, boys and girls after six seasons on air, THIS is how "The Hills" ends. What a way to go!

Maybe I'm just being bitter or maybe it's because I just didn't like seasons 5 and 6 because of Kristin and how the show became so weird, but I believe that the show wouldn't have ended the way it did tonight, if it had stopped when Lauren decided to leave.

The after show was absolutely terrible. Not so much because of the hosts mind you, but because of the crowd! All week they had the previews of the past reunion shows where Lauren would come out and she would get a standing ovation. What happened tonight?


The crowd was so dead when anyone and EVERYONE came out that it made ME mad! It was quite disappointing. People in the crowd were more focused having the camera on them than cheering on the people that they watched for the past six years. Everything about the finale and the reunion was just horrifyingly terrible. The crowd, the questions, the failed story lines throughout the last two seasons just left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Once again....did you hear that?
Yes. Another sigh of disappointment.

You've let me down MTV.
You've let me down.


  1. So I stumbled across your blog - from looking @ Good stuff- and I must add I am from Kansas as well.. shout out lol
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  2. Woohoo! One time for the Kansan girls!!! Thanks for the comment! Can't wait to see what the rest of your blog looks like!