Monday, August 22, 2011

My Travel Bucket List!

A lot of people ask if I have a bucket list since I've traveled to so many places. Truth be told, up until  a few weeks ago I never had one!

So without further ado, here is my TRAVEL bucket list. My personal bucket list is for my eyes only!

  1. Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a year or two as a reporter with a local newspaper. (and see El Ateneo Grand Splendid)
  2. Visit the pyramids in Egypt.
  3. Walk the Great Wall of China
  4. Visit Bali.
  5. Lead a group of students on an international adventure.
  6. Go on a cruise.
  7. Go to the World Cup.
  8. Learn French, Italian, Greek, Georgian and Russian
  9. Write and publish a book.
  10. Own a vacation home in the countryside of Italy or Paris or Spain
  11. Go to Greece
  12. Live in Georgia (the country) for a year
  13. Visit Africa
  14. Ride an elephant
  15. Go on another missionary trip with my church
  16. Host a foreign exchange student
  17. Travel with my family
  18. Get enough frequent flyer miles to travel anywhere and stay anywhere for free
  19. Stay in a super expensive five star hotel for a weekend and order a ridiculous amount of room service
  20. Start my own  travel website 
What's on your bucket list?


  1. What you haven't done those? Shock as much you as travel and do so many things. And why do I have feeling that this will all happen within the next 5 years? I'm extremely jealous, remember that.

  2. My bucket list would be:

    1. Learn how to surf
    2. Scuba dive
    3. Ride in a hot air balloon
    4. Go to Australia
    5. Visit Buckingham Palace and travel throughout the U.K.
    6. Go to Mexico climb the Mayan ruins
    7. Swim with dolphins and orcas
    8. Go to New Zealand
    9. Go to Ethopia since I was named after Queen Candace who was the Queen of Ethopians.
    10. Go back to my birthplace Heidelberg, Germany
    11. Go to Morocco and learn to belly dance their way and wear their traditional garb
    12. Visit India
    13. And live out on a ranch for a month in Montana and see the beautiful landscape if you watch the movie Lassie you'll see why. :-) That is all.
    *14. And if possible, meet a Royal! Well Kate, Wills, and Harry, and although Pippa isn't one I want to meet her too. :-)