Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This is why I continue to love and support my favorite singer Goapele.

Her voice is unique and smooth like butter. When she sings, she sings about things that matter go listen to Change it All, If We Knew, It Takes More, Red White and Blues!

But when she does a "mature" song....oh she knows how to do it! Milk and Honey was on CONSTANT repeat the entire summer in 2009. Now Goapele has released Play. It's a sexy and subtle song about...well...listen for yourself and find out.

Oh how I miss the days where musicians sang about "doing stuff" without being explicit and only using witty undertones alluding to their feelings.


  1. I just love her voice...gotta go find more of her music. Thanks for the introduction!

    Saw your bucket list for travel...I spent five years in Russia and speak it fairly well. I need to learn Spanish now!

    I found your blog over at Black Women Living Well.

  2. We need to tutor each other in languages!

    Her music is simply amazing! I love it!