Monday, September 05, 2011

Featured Post!

I can't believe I forgot to share this with you! Last week, I was featured on Black Women Living Well as a part of their Black Women in the Global Village, which is an exclusive feature to the website. It focuses on everyday black women around the world and their views on different topics like travel, health, relationships, careers etc.

Of course I was asked about travel! Here's a sneak peek of what my post was about below:

Naomi on her 21st birthday in Dingle, Ireland
Writer Naomi Prioleau, a Journalism major and graduate of The University of South Florida, shares her thoughts on the importance of black women living well through travel in this edition of Black Women in the Global Village.

How did you get interested in traveling?

Travel chose me. I believe that our passion chooses us no matter what age we are. There was never a particular moment in my life where I decided that I wanted to travel. It just happened; I saw a chance to travel abroad for my first love, writing. I fell in love with the culture shock, the uncomfortable plane rides, the different foods and everything else in between.

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