Saturday, September 17, 2011

My 7 Traveling Truths!

I was casually browsing through a favorite travel blogger's site the other day when I came across a post about your seven traveling truths. Basically, you share seven things that you like, don't like, must do, don't do and I thought it'd be fun to share my truths! So here we go....

 A few of my truths...

I really don't party much in different countries.
It's just not my style. Of course I get asked to go out and paint the town red, but something about going out in another country just makes me uneasy. Don't ask why because I can't explain it!

I have to go to a high point and take pictures of the city I'm in
Always. In all my trips to different countries (except Mexico and surprisingly Spain) I have to take a picture! I like aerial views of cities. It makes me feel  powerful when I climb up those never ending steps and reach the tip top of whatever monument in whatever city and feel the wind blowing through my hair. It's the best feeling in the world...and the pictures are pretty great too.
London babyyyy

I'm flexible for anything as long as I'm prepared
Don't ask me to go with you to another country and not tell me what it's like because I like being prepared for it. I'm not an impulsive person, but once I know the details I'm down! Oh and when I say I'm down....schedules can be thrown out the window because if I have to have a set time to do something, I become a control freak....and trust me, that's not pretty.

Day trips
I love, love, love day trips! If you're in a country for an extended period of time (oh heck even 10 days) it can get kind of stagnant. Day trips are like breath mints, weird analogy I know, but every now and then you need that refresher because lets face it, being in the same city for a long time can start to wear on you. After you have that day trip, you can go back to your main spot and enjoy it....until you need another breath mint.

Just chilling on our day trip to Assisi, Italy

New foods
As long as I have my Lactaid pills with me, lay it on me! I LOVE trying new foods, mainly because I'm not allergic to anything and even if I have a bad reaction to foods, what's a night spent in the bathroom? Right?

Moroccan food? Piece of cake!

I'm a museum freak. Words can't even explain how much I love museums, so anywhere I go, I HAVE to go to a museum. It doesn't even matter type of museum it is, I'm happy either way!

I'm a dressy traveler
Literally. I mainly wear dresses and skirts when I travel. I much prefer the breeziness of a dress or skirt. Even though I've worn jeans abroad, 95 percent of the time you'll see me in a dress. The mere thought of jeans make me itch for some reason.

Dresses and's the best of both worlds!
There you have it! What are some of your traveling truths?

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