Monday, October 24, 2011

Break of Dawn Review

Today, Goapele released her third album, Break of Dawn after a five year hiatus. I've been a fan of her since Closer and always support her music because I think she is disgustingly underrated. However, maybe it's not so bad, so that she remains a sweet secret to her loyal fans and continues to make music.

I haven't been able to buy the album yet since I've been at work all day, but thanks to AOL music, I was able to listen to the entire CD. Trust me, it made the work day go a lot smoother.
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*Play- Right off the bat, the listener is introduced to a sultry sexy song about "playing around." The third single off Break of Dawn introduces a more mature Goapele who sings about what she wants to do when it comes to intimate moments in a subtle way.

Tears on my Pillow- A soulful song that sounds like it could be from the 1990's about a failed relationship. This has been a huge fan favorite so far.

*Undertow- This is one of my favorites. It's a very "chill" song in my opinion. It's not too heavy, not too light. Personally, I feel like I can close my eyes while listening to this song and be taken to another world.

Break of Dawn- Wonderful song about staying strong, finding your independence and moving on from all of the negative situations in your life.

Hush- A sweet song to her daughter about how everything she is doing is for her. It has a light lullaby melody to it and is no doubt a song that she probably sings around the house to her little girl. I'm sure when she is older, she'll appreciate the message her mother sent to her through this song.

Money- Another soulful song with an electronic spin on it. Goapele has always had songs with
deep meanings and this is one of them. It has the message of “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” by Jennifer Lopez. Sure, money is great, but it doesn’t replace intimacy and she definitely gets that across through this song.

*Pieces- Another favorite! It’s a lighter song about “falling into pieces” in love and how consumed we can be in love that we get lost in its galaxy. Her voice sounds extremely angelic in this song.

Right Here- An upbeat track about her undying love to her man. She doesn’t want to be anywhere that’s not with her man. In other words, she’s a ride or die chick.

*Milk and Honey- Her first single off of her album. It was released back in the summer of 2009 and it always had a hold on me. This was the first song that I knew my dear Goapele was growing up in front of my very eyes and talking about what she wants as a woman. She’s definitely on her grown status now!

Unfortunately, AOL music didn't have Cupcake on its site so I can't offer a review for it! However, I will say this: THIS IS HOW YOU TRANSITION INTO A MORE ADULT THEMED ALBUM.

After five years, Goapele has experienced a number of different life changing events, and while her first two albums were wonderful and filled with songs about love and socioeconomic problems, this album puts her in a completely different light.

She's showing her growth on this album and I like how she did it. She didn't go from innocent singer to raunchy singer in the course of one album and I think her fans will definitely appreciate it. I know I do!

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