Wednesday, October 12, 2011


For as long as I can remember, October has always been my favorite month.

I guess it's mainly because I feel that it's the official start of autumn. I am quite aware that autumn officially started in September, but doesn't it feel more fitting to begin in October?

In elementary school every time the teacher flipped to the month of October its decorations were filled with pumpkins, rust colored leaves and naked trees. Back in Kansas, the wind got nippier and the turtlenecks and boots were brought out from storage and a slew of kids messed up their parents perfectly raked leaf piles.

Oh how I miss October in Kansas!

Kansas in October. Lovely isn't it?
Living in Florida, you really don't get the full affect of autumn except for the weather changing from deathly humidly hot to a cooler humidly hot.

However, while I may be missing the true season of autumn that so many other people get to enjoy, my favorite month is giving me plenty of perks while I sweat to death down here.

  1. New Nicholas Sparks book! The Best of Me came out yesterday and I can't wait to go get my copy! 
  2. New Goapele album Break of Dawn hits stores at the end of the month.
  3. I move into my new apartment on Friday. 
  4. Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING. Coffee, pie, beer, cake. Heaven.
Roll all four of those things together and what do you get?

An extremely fat, well-read, satisfied and more importantly happy Naomi in her cozy decorate apartment. Doesn't sound to bad if you ask me!

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