Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#WEverb11: Ripple

21. Ripple

The butterfly effect posits that a small change can ripple across whole ecosystems. Who do you credit for the small action that made all the difference in your life this year?
 A former friend who I ended my friendship with made all the difference in my life this year. It's amazing what can happen when negativity and bad relationships leave your life. Usually, people are sad when a friendship ends but trust me this was for the best. I'm able to get a full night's sleep with no interruptions (phone wise) which leaves me energized for work in the morning. I'm no longer consumed by someone else's problems and am able to concentrate more on my family and other friendships which I had neglected because of this one-sided relationship. A lot of positive things have been happening with family, employment and social life which I feel is a result of the end of this friendship. Thank goodness.

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