Friday, December 16, 2011

#WEverb11: Surprise and Persevere

15. Surprise
What event of 2011 affected you in an unexpected way?
Nothing. Looking back, nothing surprised me or affected me. I had a set plan for my life in 2011 and that was graduate, go to Spain, move back to Tampa and find a job. I've done all of that so there's really no surprise! I'm such a planner that nothing can really surprise me which is kind of sad....hmmm....
16. Persevere
Describe something that disappointed you in 2011 and how you persevered.
I'm currently in a situation where I'm trying to persevere and it's difficult but I'm sticking with it until I can find receive some guidance from my mentor on what to do. We'll see where 2012 leads with this situation but that's all I'll say about it for now.

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