Saturday, May 26, 2012

My travel inspired apartment!

After months and months of organizing, buying furniture and decorating, my apartment is FINALLY complete! To think, when I first signed my lease and moved in, all I had was an air mattress, my books and birds to keep me company. Well look at me now!

One thing I made sure of to include in my apartment was my love of travel. I have posters, paintings, books and gifts from the places I've been. Some of them I stole from my parents, but they know it doesn't really count as stealing if another family member has it. Ha! So without further ado, here is my apartment! What are your thoughts? Any suggestions?

My living room. The poster above the couch is "Afternoon in Paris"

My mom reorganized by bookshelf and I love it! Yes that is a
scratch off world map in the corner (I need to travel more!) The
radio on top of my bookshelf is a 1943 German radio that was a gift to
my parents. I also have a Greek vase and a Korean fan on my bookshelf.
Thanks Mom and Dad!

Sorry it's dark! The pictures above the television are of London and Dublin.

I ALWAYS buy travel calendars. Right now it's May and I'm in Tuscany!
The blue and yellow dish on the stove was handmade in Italy...yet another "gift"
I stole from my parents.

My bedroom! Above my bedroom is a drawing of Florence that I got 50
percent off because I'm black!

My mother says the only family photos belong in the bedroom.
So naturally I have photographs of my parents and their parents.

This is where all the magic happens! My writing desk with my most cherished item:
my typewriter! My business cards, journalism awards, degrees and of course AP Stylebook
are all right here!

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