Wednesday, August 01, 2012

31 Day Reset Challenge Day 1

Here I go! I’m taking part in the 31 Day Reset Challenge via Happy BlackWoman. I’m excited to see what this journey will bring!

Choose Your Reset Notebook

I got it last year as a gift from my mother.It’s different from my previous journals/diaries where I used to be SO strict on when, what and how to write. This has more of a relaxed feel to it because it reminds me on the cover to simply remember to write. I love it.

Choose a Personal Mantra
At first I wanted my mantra to be "Do what you love and get paid for it" but it didn't sit well with my spirit so I chose "But God..." instead. I love these two words because they hold such power to them. Anything that follows these words are nothing but supportive, positive and loving.

Choose a Theme Song
So I had three songs that I had a hard time choosing a song for theme song. It was between “The Rise” by Charlotte Church, “The Spirit Indestructible” by Nelly Furtado and “Winner” by the Noisettes. Each of them are amazing but I felt “The Spirit Indestructible” was the perfect song for this challenge.Not only do I love her as an artist, but I love how motivated and indestructible I feel after hearing this song.


  1. Hello I am doing the rest also and I plan to follow along via your blog and the website. I am excited and for everyone that is taking part in this. I like you mantra and I have never listen to the song you have chosen so I plan to listen to it ASAP!

  2. Sorry I'm seeing this so late! I'm glad that you decided to take part in it! It's a wonderful reset isn't it?