Saturday, August 11, 2012

31 Day Reset Challenge Day 11

Craft Your Ideal Narrative

Before I get started on today’s challenge, I must say...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I’ll catch you up on my birthday festivities in a later post :-).

So today’s challenge was to write and ideal life narrative using only the present tense to show that we’re already living our ideal life. I had a lot of fun with this one!

I am in constant motion. I write for a travel publication and freelance at various newspapers when I can. I live in Atlanta even though I spend most of the year traveling. I have a beautiful brick Georgia town home in a gated and safe neighborhood. My town home is located near the lake which is especially beautiful in autumn when the trees that surround it are orange, yellow and red and create a reflection on the lake. I relax in my bathtub with claw feet every now and again. My pride and joy of my town home is my den which houses all of my journalism awards, books, diplomas, typewriter and every single article, college paper and diary. 

I spend the summers in Spain with my writing group I created for young Black girls. I earn enough to wear I am able to comfortably live within my means and have something to fall back on if times get tough. I constantly keep in touch with my family and see my mother often. I see my father at his beautiful house on the lake down in Florida and have my siblings come visit. I have a better relationship with my extended family and often visit them when I want to be surrounded by love.

My partner is a wonderful man who supports me in all that I do and travels with me. We have a fun, smart and religious relationship. We surprise each other often with little gifts that we think each other would like. We continue to teach one another things and enjoy learning new things together. Our children have a happy and relatively normal childhood despite the constant traveling.

I continue to exercise daily at my gym and go on walks around my neighborhood to keep in shape. I am a part of a book club when I am home and enjoy going to cooking, language and dance classes to feed my hunger of continuous learning. I volunteer often and give 10 percent of my earnings to God and my charities. I carry God with me everywhere and feel Him heavily in my life now more than ever.

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