Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reuniting with a London sister yet again!

Over the weekend I went to Philadelphia for my friend’s wedding. My friend, whom I hadn’t seen in seven years and only met once… London.

In 2005, I was selected as one of 28 young girls to travel to London as part of the Teen Ink London Summer Writing Program. The annual program (which now takes place in New York) brought girls together from all over the world together for the sole purpose of honing our writing skills.

L to R: Me, Christine, Tiffany, Christina and Jess in 2005 in front of
St. Paul's Cathedral in London
The group, with ages ranging from 14 to 18, got along pretty well…well as well as hormonal girls can. There were different groups within the 28 girls simply because you hang out with who you feel you can connect to.

We all kept in touch mainly through letters or emails and complained about how much we missed London. Soon Myspace and Facebook popped on the scene and we were all able to see how each other’s lives were going through pictures, statuses and videos.

Fast forward five years after the trip to when I reconnected with one of my friends on the trip, Tiffany. She lived only an hour and a half away and we were able to meet up twice to hang out with one another. It was lovely. We picked up right where we left off.

Tiffany and I in 2010
Now fast forward to the year 2012 where Christine gets married! I remember our phone conversations after we came back from London when she’d tell me about working at a restaurant and dating him. Now I finally got to meet him and see her again.

The beautiful bride and I!
Was it worth a weekend trip to Philadelphia just to go to a wedding that I wasn’t even a part of? Yes! We’re London sisters. We experienced the London bombings together and for many of us it was our trip outside of the country. We have this unique bond that is unbreakable even if we go months without talking. Congratulations to Christine and Rafael!

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