Friday, November 25, 2011

A Common Occurrence

I'm from Kansas.

I'm Black.

Apparently, these two things don't go together.

At least once a week while filling up on gas, some genius makes a comment about my license plate. They usually go something like this:

"Oh well, you're a long way from home"
"Did you lose your red shoes on the way here?"
"Is Toto in the backseat?"

Ha. So very if I haven't heard it a million times before.

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However, my favorite reaction (whether they find out I'm from Kansas by my tags or not) is "THERE'S BLACK PEOPLE IN KANSAS!?"


In fact Kansas City has a somewhat decent sized African-American just have to know where to go! I can say that when California rapper, Mac Dre was shot and killed in Kansas City I don't think it was by a farmer.

Black people are everywhere, including and not limited to: Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and of course, Kansas.

Honestly, not everything about Kansas is farms and cows and plains. I mean it's not the next New York or Florida, but it's...somewhat decent. Trust me, I know.

Just as people in other countries stared at me because of my skin tone, it amazes me that people IN MY OWN COUNTRY stare at me like I have three heads for being a Black girl that calls Kansas her home. Sheesh.

Maybe I do have two extra heads that I don't know about....

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