Thursday, November 03, 2011

Report From Anywhere!

After attending an international reporting seminar over the summer with the National Association of Black Journalists, I learned the importance of taking crucial items with you on any trip. As a journalist, you never know when or where a story will happen so it's always great to be prepared.

One of my mentors Demorris Lee of the St. Petersburg Times said that he keeps a laptop, a camera and a voice recorder in the trunk of his car at all times. Smart move.

For international reporting, it's best to keep the same things on you as well. One of the speakers at the seminar said when she travels (whether it's for work or leisure) she takes her laptop, voice recorder, camera, video camera and notepad in her carry on. Again, smart move.

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It may sound like a lot to carry around, but luckily, my Dad gave me his laptop/briefcase carrier. I can fit everything in it (including my AP Stylebook and a leisure book) and slug it on my shoulder and I'm ready to take over the world!

Once you have your story and photographs and speak with your editor all you have to do is find a place with WIFI and send it off!

That seminar really opened my eyes. Now, instead of lugging around my book bag with a change of clothes and my purse with my money in it, I can put all of it safely into my laptop carrier (it's actually quite spacious) and only worry about my suitcase.

The fact that I learned to bring the essentials when traveling AND eliminate all the extra thematics that I usually carry with me when I travel, only makes me love reporting that much more. I have such an urge to board a plane and go to China and report on whatever, simply because I'm well prepared now!

For now I'll start slow and test it out when I go to Buenos Aires!

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