Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tim Tebow and Jesus

It seems as though ever since Tim Tebow started playing for the Denver Broncos, people have been more focused on his religion and beliefs rather than his skills. Some argue that Tebow isn't that great of a player, some argue that he is an amazing player, but somehow his playing capabilities always lead back to his faith in God.

There have been many debates about whether its hard work or God helping Tebow and the Broncos win games. This then leads to the often said statement: "God doesn't have time to think about a silly football game. There's more important things He's worried about." Exactly how do we know what God is worried about? Why would it be so wrong for Him to listen to the prayers of a football team or specific player who asks for strength and guidance during a game?

Tim Tebow taking a moment to give thanks to God, which
is now known as "Tebowing." photo via
I see it like this, if you're religious and you pray to get a good grade on an that not "trivial?" What about an animal activist who prays that dogs in shelters find good homes...could that be considered as "not important?"

It all comes down to what people view as important during a stressful time. We humans might say what we should and shouldn't pray for but at the end of the day, we're not God. God listens to all prayers and I highly doubt that He chooses which ones are important and turns a deaf ear toward the ones that aren't.

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