Monday, August 06, 2012

31 Day Reset Challenge Day 6

Write a Personal Mission Statement
This was actually difficult for me, but I'm very glad I wrote it. It's very inspiring and honest as a mission statement since I wrote it and I think others should do the're more likely to believe in it than the one at your job!

I value everything God has placed in front of me. I value travel, education, honesty and respect. I appreciate my amazing family, friends, laughter and music. I believe that I have been placed on this earth to change someone’s life for the better whether that’s through my writing, my friendship, my love or my support. I vow to continue living my life as a nonjudgmental, supportive and caring person who encourages those around her. I will continue to be appreciative of the wonderful people God has blessed me with and live healthy in all aspects of my life. I will always put God above all else and never doubt Him or question Him in what He puts in my path.  I will turn what I fear into a challenge to overcome it.

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