Wednesday, August 08, 2012

31 Day Reset Challenge Day 8

So I completed yesterday's challenge in my need to display everything! Here is Day 8's challenge.

Do One Thing

So today's challenge was to do one thing that we have procrastinated on, one thing that terrifies us or one thing that inspires us. I chose to do something that I've been procrastinating on. My personal statements.

I'm applying to grad schools and I've gotten my letters of recommendation, I have the money for the application fees and am in the process of obtaining my transcripts but these darn personal statements are something that I'm too lazy to do! M helped me over the weekend come up with an outline but that's all I've been able to do is outline. I don't know if I'm waiting for the "school mindset" to hit me in the head but it's something that I need to get started on now...and I will...TODAY.

Wish me luck!


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